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Hire Virtual Resource (HVRs) is one of the leading Indian Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service provider with its state of the art infrastructure and expertise in Offshore Sourcing and Offshore Recruiting. We are committed to provide world class Staffing (Recruiters / Sourcers / Bench Sales) Professionals to Staffing companies globally.

Complete Control Over Team

Yes, offcourse. We do believe that every team has their own strength and so allow you to completely control the hired resource or team. You will be able to control it end to end. Starting from taking decision to hire or add a resource in your team, their timings, work responsibilities, almost everything. This will help you building your own team which works your way yet in the most cost effective way.

Dedicated Resource or Team

We provide businesses an option with scalable skilled resources across multiple domains, in addition to complete infrastructure and shared support services. Our RPO model enables you to save approximately 50-65% on employee cost yet have the most qualified professionals work for you, delivering tangible benefits to your business.

Lower Operational Cost

We offer experienced dedicated Virtual Resources to help help our client lower their labor cost. By making us your RPO Service provider we assume full responsibility of the recruitment team including the costs associated with office infrastructure, management, maintenance, IT and training. This also allows you to adjust to recruiting demands easier and with less capital outlay.

Focus on the Core Business

We let our client's make the best use of their business capital as they can reinvsnt the same which they will be able to save from an RPO arrangement. It saves time, efforts as well as money. Also with an efficient offshore team helping the core onsite team, the onsite team can concentrate more on developing the business and adding more clients rather than taking the stress to retain or serve them.

Scalable Infrastructure

This is the most exciting part of an RPO arrangement. This enables you to have a complete ready to use infrastructure to run your business with an open option to start from one individual resource to converting it to a complete team anytime according to your demanding business needs. We enable our RPO clients like you to forgot the cost of renting out office space and various facilities. We provides world class infrastructure and facilities along with all HR, payroll, IT and communications support.

24/7 Virtual Resources

Last but not the least, we provide 24/7 services to our clients globally irrespective to your location. We make sure the individual or team you hire will be working in your time zone syncronizing with your team. This also helps our client take advantage of time zone difference and multiple shift operations to reduce work turnaround time and improve efficiency.

Everything you need to organize your Staffing business, efficiently

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a powerful strategy used by many organizations globally which helps to save the cost, time and improves the quality of recruitment. Outsourcing HR, specially recruitment process is a strategy used by many organizations all across the world. Thus, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is both a tool and a safeguard used by the organisations to fight the scarcity of talented people to work with them at the right time, at right cost, at right place and in right number to satisfy both individual and organizational objectives. So why wait, HVRs team is just a few clicks away!


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